Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pimping Ain't Easy

Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Men's Smoking Jacket/Robe

I bought this at a music teachers estate sale this past fall.  As soon as you walked into his house you could tell he was an entertainer.  He had a huge piano right next to his front door and a fully stocked bar.  All his clothes were on point and sharp, but this piece is what caught my attention.  I can imagine the wild parties he had and him walking around his apartment in this Saks Fifth Avenue smoking jacket and just mixed drink.  I had to snatch it up...I figure if anything it will be good for a costume if you wanted to be dressed as Hugh Hefner.  I'm going to be listing it for sale on Etsy tomorrow.

My brother has started his own Etsy shop too ( Portuscale Vintage ) and I told him how there is a shortage of men's vintage out there.  Men don't save their clothes like women do.  So I bought this and plan to be searching for more men's items going forward.  Lord knows I have plenty of women's!  


I ventured out of the house today in my crutches to go to the pharmacy and get two of my prescriptions filled.   I can drive perfectly well because it was my left foot, so I took advantage of being out and drove around with my cup of coffee for awhile.  I had my Bob Marley Pandora radio station on and was grooving.  It's a New Moon so the energy is all over my Natal 5th house of fun, pleasure, children, creativity.....I was inspired.  I guess that's what I little sunshine can do for you.

What I was really aware of today was how people stared at me when I was hopping in my crutches.   I didn't like the attention I was getting and I started thinking of how people with disabilities get stared at like this all the time.   I guess people can't help themselves, I always look away quickly when I see someone with a disability.  As soon as I got out of my Jeep a lady called out to me in Portuguese to ask me what happened?  I'm pretty sure she didn't think I was Portuguese when she started talking and just figured I would respond in Spanish.    She was pushing a grocery cart that I realized later in our conversation was due to the fact she also hurt her foot awhile back.  I had my crutches to help me walk and she had her grocery cart.  I find that to be very clever because you would just assume that she was out shopping.  She was so sweet and kind, I stood there and had a 30 minute conversation with her.   I kept thinking how I wish my mom was here because her and this lady would get along so great.  Hell, she probably knows my mom and I thought of asking her but a part of me told me not to.   My mom knows everybody!!  She's a Sagittarius, those people never have a hard time making friends.

She was telling me about her foot accident and how I should really be careful and have it checked out.  She warned me of what happened if I didn't take care of it.  She told me to buy a dried out corn ear and roll it up and down my foot to help the ligament heal.  In those 30 minutes I found out her whole story and I was so happy with myself for having the patience to do so.  There was something about her face that kept me there taking advantage of this kismit moment with this stranger.  Again, the issue of healthcare came up because she spent 3 days in the hospital because of her diabetes and her bill came to $12,000 and creditors were after her for the $1000 she still owed.  I didn't ask her if she had insurance but I believe she did and maybe the hospital was out of network. When you go out of Network on some insurances you have to pay a percentage yourself.  All her meds had to be paid out of pocket too because her insurance didn't cover that either.   I don't get it.... why can't we all have insurance like in Canada? 

I'm not a religious person when it comes to knowing the bible and going to church but I am very spiritual when it comes to things like guardian angels and metaphysics.  I do believe in God.   God is the name I have for him/her/it only because it's what I grew up knowing him as.  I feel that sometimes he sends people down to us to help us.  This may of been one of my spirit guides telling me it was too soon to be walking around on my foot.  She was so nice and sweet, I don't come across that everyday.  I wanted to hug her but the distant detached Aquarius in me couldn't bring myself to doing it.   So I told her to have a nice day and said goodbye.

These type of encounters with random people happens to me all the time.  After reading The Celestine Prophecy years ago I view these coincidental conversations with people as a sign.  It's not a coincidence.. What did it all mean?  This one was easy... no walking so much yet.   I want this to heal properly and from the firey pain I still feel here and there I know it isn't healed yet.  Ligaments take time.   

I wanted to take a picture of her too but I felt stupid asking....again, another Aquarius trait...shyness.   She would of totally let me if I asked.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foot Sprains, ER's and Life

I have been incapacitated for 5 days now because I missed the last step in the house while lugging 20lbs of laundry down the stairs.  I still ask myself how I did that because it's not like I haven't lived here all my life and ran down these stairs with laundry a million times.  I knew I did something wrong right in the middle of it because I heard my intuition go "wait, wait." right before I extended my foot out to land on the floor.  Then all of a sudden I heard a crack and I hit the floor yelling out "Oh God I broke my ankle!"

It hurt and I rolled around on the floor holding my leg trying not to panic because the last thing I needed was an anxiety attack.  As soon as I touched my ankle and felt the golf ball swelling out of it,  all I could think about is how I don't have insurance and I needed to go to the hospital.  Then I realized nobody was home and I left my cell phone up in my apartment three flights up.  I started thinking of all those tough ass chicks in movies who could run miles with a gunshot wound.  I was like, "Hey I'm a tough ass chick! I can get up a few flights of stairs with a busted ankle."  Even in crisis my imagination never ceases.  I crawled up three flights of stairs in pain and I almost passed out for the first time in my life.  I did it though! I also got to St Michael s where after hours and hours of waiting around they let me know it was just a Level 2 sprain in my foot.  I was so happy I didn't break it or fracture it.  That was awesome news because it meant less pain but on the down side it takes a sprain longer to heal.

I was there in that hospital for five hours and in those five hours I really saw how Newark is in such bad shape.  There was a few times I almost burst into tears at how bad it was in that ER.  Want to see how bad a country is doing?  Go to the middle of a poor neighborhood in a urban city and spend a night in their ER.  There was a young guy in there with a really bad pain in his side that had been there for 8 hours.  He had taken a blood test two hours earlier to see what was wrong with him.  I was trying to understand why he had to wait for a blood test result to determine what was wrong with him.  Wouldn't a ultrasound answer that question a little faster?  No money for that, leave him there suffering in pain instead.  The poor guy didn't even know what organ was causing the pain.  I would think any good doctor would have a pretty good guess by just feeling around his abdomen.

The one that choked up the most was this older lady, she was in really bad shape.  She kept crying out saying she was in severe pain.  She said it was shooting up and down her spine and she was so cold.  She was stuck in a wheelchair and the air vent was right above her.  We helped her move to another spot that didn't have a vent so she wouldn't be so cold.  She was there alone and had nobody to help or comfort her.  I wanted to walk over to her and just rub her back and help her feel better but I couldn't walk.  A kind nurse was nice enough to bring her a blanket, but nobody came to her aid as she cried in pain.  They did, but it wasn't for awhile, I guess someone got tired of hearing her yelling.  A young Brazilian guy next to me said,  "And they talk about Brasil and how we leave people to die in the hospitals, what is this here?"   He was absolutely right.  Third World Country treatment in the US?  Yeah.  The hospital was a more awful experience that the fall on my foot.  I really felt helpless in that ER room but I also felt lucky that all I had was a sprain and it wasn't that painful and I was really blessed to have someone there with me.  

I can just assume that if any of these people had insurance they wouldn't of been left to rot in that ER waiting for answers and instead would of gotten the care they needed and deserved.  This really opened my eyes to how so many people don't have insurance and are left to die.  No money no treatment.   I find that so unfair and that is why I am for Obama's health care reform.  

I have been home for days now without being able to walk on my foot.  I tore a ligament,  it takes a long time to heal and if I try to walk on it I will damage it even more.   I use my crutches and computer chair to get around my apartment but even that it is a pain in the ass.  I miss the use of my two legs because on only one, everything takes much longer to do.  I've spent my days watching tv and thinking a lot.   I have to admit, it hasn't been all bad stopping  in the middle of this mad crazy world.  I feel like I'm out of the matrix, the good old universe unplugged me for a week so I can think about where I'm going with my life.  I've been picking up on my astrology studies again and I've even tried meditating.  I think I'm finally starting to get it.  it's hard but now I know what I need to do get my mind silent.

It's not only about astrology and meditating though, I really feel like I've been surfing a big wave all my life.  I've finally touched down on the shore and I'm here on the beach knowing what I want 100%.   I still know I don't want to have children.  I'd rather help the ones that are already here, so in two years I'm going to sign up to be a foster parent.  Fostering will fulfill that part of my life that feels the very strong urge to help people.  As soon as I could walk I need to grow my two business'.   I know what to do, just need to put my plans in to action.  I'm already in the middle of my health transformation, the other big step forward on that is Yoga.  I have plans for Yoga, as I do for Astrology.

I have to admit, for a second there as I lay on the floor in pain I thought, "I need to go back to the corporate world and my soft cushy job with good insurance."  That's the safe way to go and I'll feel secure and safe.   Then my angel whispered, "Don't go back, it's done.  Heal and go forward".   I agree, so here I am on day 5 still can't walk but definitely moving forward.   Shit, I'm writing again...   

Vintage Luggage are the Best Luggage

My find this past weekend.   It's in almost new condition.    Vintage Invicta briefcase.                                        ...