Friday, April 26, 2013

My first love compatiblility reading..

About a month ago I was Instagram and posted a picture of the Astrology Wheel I made for myself and I got a few requests to look at some people's charts.   I always feel bad saying no because I'm so busy and for a newbie like myself to interpret a Natal Chart takes a very long time.   I love Astrology and I learned it mostly for myself because I want to completely understand and embrace my Natal Chart.   In order to do that I needed to take my love for Astrology one big leep forward and finally take a class.   I searched for months and I couldn't find anything, so I gave up and just settled for Susan Millers monthly forecast.  Her monthly forecasts are amazing and she is by far one of the best astrologers I have ever been into.  Her Astrology Zone site is constantly on my screen.   Dr Standley is great if you want to learn Astrology because she breaks it all down for you.  She's basically teaching you about it as she is telling you what your planet placements mean.   She even offers a free Natal Chart graph on her site.

It was about 2010 that I finally got to go to one of Susan Millers lectures in Nyc and it was there that I met my Astrology teacher.   After Susan was done she gave her mentee  Rebecca Gordon,  a shout out.   She teaches astrology class in Manhattan and to go chat with her if you are interested.   My level of thirst went up so high I had to catch my chin~!   I end up finding her at the end of the event but there was another girl talking her up a storm.  I waited and got her brochure and ended up taking her Beginners Astrology class.  It was about 3 months long and you had to meet up at this yoga studio loft in the Village every Sunday.   It was about 10 of around a table, very cozy.   I learned so much from her and after the class was over I signed up for her Intermediate Class.   Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it because it was around that time my anxiety problems showed up.   In my beginners class with her she that I might develop nervous system issues  because I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 6th House.  Some people with Uranus in this house have a great deal of nervous tension.. being that the 6th is also about Health, that means that I might face this health problem throughout my life.

Our Natal charts are a snap shot of where all the planets were when we were born.  Now picture the planets moving everyday over your natal chart placements.  It's like a clock.    Your natal chart will never change but the everyday transit of the planets always will.  Since I have my Uranus in the 6th house that means anytime a planet flys over it throughout my life, that certain health issue might come up.   The key health issue in my life is stress and now I know that.   Astrologers are not psychics they are just interpreters.   A lot of people get that confused.

I didn't mean to write this long ass blog.  It was supposed to be an introduction to my first interpretation lol  I'll have to post it separately.

Love compatibility.. It's all about Mars and Venus

The two planets I look at when looking at love compatibility is Venus and Mars and where they are placed on the chart.

Venus is the planet of love, Venus is how we want to receive love, express love and seek it.  

Mars tells us what kind of partner we are looking for.  


Your Venus is in Taurus in the 9th House

Venus is Taurus loves all things beautiful and decadent.   They love intimacy and can be very committed in love.   Venus in Taurus loves decorating, they have to be in beautiful surroundings.    They like the fine things in life and usually have great taste in fashion.    

Also, because it’s in the 9th house of Education, Journeys and Foreigners…..  Venus in the 9th house loves to travel, more so international travel.       These are the things you want, these are the things you Love! Your partner has to be able to give you this or at least like beautiful things too.   Some astrologers can say this is a little materialistic but I think you just have good taste.  Nobody goes from truffle oil to ranch dip.  The 9th house also rules education and school.   Venus in the 9th love school and Education…. Maybe even school overseas.    This Venus placement also attracts a lot of foreigners to you.. 

Your Mars is in Capricorn in the 5th  House.

Mars is the kind of partner you are looking for and want, or what you need.    Capricorns are the hard workers of the Zodiac, They like to have security.    The 5th house rules romance, Children and creativity.   A creative partner maybe?  

Work also has to be creative and fun… Mars in Capricorns also tend to be great leaders and their children will most likely also be creative.  

 Now, that’s what you want and need.    This is what XXXX wants and needs:

His Venus is in Gemini in the 10th house.     

They need intellectual stimulation, they like being with someone who likes to talk, they are the type that like texting and tend to like social media/internet.  They like being informed on current events.   They like someone who is smart and eloquent… no ratchetness lol   

Venus in Gemini also tend to be very charming  and they love the arts.   Because it’s in the house of career, it could mean they work in the field of beauty.   

See the recurring theme of beauty in his placement that beautifully accents your theme?   Both of you like beautiful things..   Also, Gemini are dual, they might be confusing in love.  Two sides to them.. 

His Mars is in Taurus in the 9th House

They want stability in a partner, and they love luxury.    Mars in Taurus can also be very sensual, hence that is what they want for themselves in a partner.  Taurus’ tend to like to take things nice and easy, they can’t be rushed.   Things can fall apart with them if things move too fast.    What I love about this placement is how this Mars also loves to travel.    

Both of you love to travel, this is a great combo.

My amateur assumption is that in love you guys are very compatible.   Your sign sun and his sign actually blend well together, being that they are fire and water.    

Vintage Luggage are the Best Luggage

My find this past weekend.   It's in almost new condition.    Vintage Invicta briefcase.                                        ...