Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Thinking about 2020

Putting my intention out there.   I want one of these and I will have it before 2020.   I've seen them at sales but I don't want to cough up the $$ for it yet.  I'm doing it next year because we belong together.  

I'm on a IG hiatus because I made a promise to Our Lady of Fatima while my dad was in the hospital.   Portuguese folks are big on Fatima and I was raised in this culture of saints and magic.  
I believe in sacrifice.   Doesn't have to be animals and humans...  a sacrifice can be anything you have to give up that you love.  I love Instagram..  maybe I kind of cheated because I still have FB but it's not the same to me.  FB is more talking.   

The year is almost ending and this is when I have to start thinking about my future.    This year started out so rough and boy did it teach me a big lesson.   phew!   It was heavy but I made it, like I always do.   I'm diehard like a motha... My ex boyfriend's mother used to call me that.    My stubborness is all over my natal chart.  It's real.. 

It's been 10 years since I trecked into Manhattan every weekend and went to Astrology School for 6 months.   The best thing I ever did..  still learning years later.   I love teaching people about it.   Next year I hope to go back and take the Intermediate Class.   I did before but I want to brush up on it and I want to see my awesome teacher again.  

Another thing for 2020.   My shit list needs to be burned.   There is only one person on it but this is major for me.  As of right now, if I see this person, it will be on site.  I've been wanting to smack the shit of 'it" for a long time.  You just don't fuck with my car.   That's a no no.  I'm getting older and more mature and shouldn't be fighting.  If you know me then you understand...   

I don't hate nobody as of right now.  People piss me off here and there but that doesn't mean I hate them.    If anything, I spend a lot of time trying to understand people.   

There is more things I want but there is power in silence too.   

Right now, my astrology is saying to blog and write and be creative.   There will be a healthy balance of social media and real life.   I don't have shit to prove to anyone. 

ps.  My grammar has always sucked but that may be due to my laziness to proof read anything.  I'm a more of a stream of consciousness type of writer.  Don't think, just write.

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